Animal Mortality Insurance

How much can you save?

High value animals may be priceless to some owners, but the reality is that farmers, cattle ranchers, racehorse owners and even some police forces have significant assets tied up in their animals.  While there are many variations of animal mortality insurance, the main purpose of this product is to replace the monetary value of an animal that is lost due to its death.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most high value animals are purchased in order to produce future income.  The initial investment in your animal and the potential income that may have been generated by the ownership and development of that animal are both factors that will significantly affect the cost to insure such an animal.  Your animal mortality insurance policy will pay for economic losses associated with the death of your animal but there are some specific exclusions that may apply.

Every situation is different but the basic purpose of an animal mortality insurance policy is to dampen your financial loss when the unexpected death of your high-value animal occurs.

What Types of Animals Are Covered?

Whatever type of animal you own, it makes sense to inquire about an animal mortality insurance policy.  One of the most common policies is an equine insurance policy.  There can be a wide range of values when it comes to the purchase of a horse, almost every horse owner could benefit by owning an animal mortality policy.  Horses are not the only animal that can be insured though.  Cattle, police dogs, circus animals, zoo animals, marine mammals, and aquarium animals all have monetary value that is at risk if the animal dies prematurely.

If you own an animal that required a significant initial investment, or if you own an animal that could potentially yield an income, an animal mortality insurance policy is an important part of your risk management strategy.  A living animal is prone to many perils that can cause illness or injury.  Sometimes bad things can happen no matter how careful you are as an animal owner.  An animal mortality insurance policy is your best approach to address risk so be sure to contact a professional agent today to discuss your animal mortality insurance needs.